Why Koh Kood Is The most Beautiful Island In Thailand?

Not hate it if traveling bloggers create crazy claims about something being the”best” or even”most amazing” devote where? Surely they’ve not gone to every restaurant at every single island or Paris.

You’ll notice I subtly phrased my very own crazy conflict for being a question, however in all honesty I can not imagine visiting an even beautiful island in Thailand compared to Koh Kood (Koh Kut generally appears like just another solution to describe it). This island near the border is also home to spectacular beaches, plenty of food, and accommodation, along with also an interior.

The shores

From the time seeing the Maldives 2 yrs past I have needed a light case of shore snobbery. Beaches need to become great nowadays to draw compliments — and now I am going to commend the hell outside of the shores of Koh Kood. White sand and blue water are all supported by palm trees and shore hotels that were developed.

By Khlong Chao Beach (where we remained for the majority of our period to the island) it really is just about a half-hour walk from direction to Ao Noi along with Bang Bao shores — it will get hot from the mid-March heat of Thailand however you should really overlook those 2 shores. You might even hire a bicycle to research Koh Kood’s shores, however, to be fair the outside ones (at the very the least the people which we saw) are not quite as fine since the”big 3″. We watched some fantastic sunsets at Bang Bao Bay and Khlong Chao Beach.

Koh Kood is actually just really a massive island and odds are you’ll just find a bit of it. A visit into the green interior is, although the shores are the attraction. We walked. It had been a wonderful walk and several restaurants certainly were. I am convinced it is much more notable in the day although the waterfall was fine.

You can retain a kayak at mind upriver and Khlong Chao or only respect the opinions.

Where should you live?

Planning a visit is as simple as any different islands in Thailand. A whole good deal of the shores possess a couple of hotels, iamkohchang.com, near these and the majority of these do not focus on budget travelers. Bang Bao Bay and Khlong Chao Beach will be in. Bang Bao Bay gets the water of almost any shore there’s just really a mixture of accommodation plus that person seen on Koh Kood. We spent a couple of nights in Koh Kood Resort also it’s really a superb mid-range alternative.

The hotel’s restaurant (try the pizza!) Overlooks the bay and there’s a lot of room. Certainly one of the greatest places is directly facing Koh Kood Resort — that I watched lots of coral along with bass. Additionally, there are some less expensive places to remain in Bang Bao Bay — we watched you (miniature ) bungalow having a Seaview for 500 Baht!

Khlong Chao is just another choice that is excellent. In addition, there are a number of budget options from the shore although there are a few hotels on the shore.

The fantastic thing about those shores is that there are a few good restaurants near. It’s possible to find a meal for 50 — even 70 Baht, that will be fantastic value considering you are on an island that is up-market.

Addressing Koh Kood

By one island you are able to have a boat and by the ferry and bus you traveling out of Bangkok. We originated via Nakhon Ratchasima and Ubon Ratchathani, which finished up shooting approximately 30 hrs, from Laos! Wherever you are from (on the mainland) you ought to make the journey at Trat. By the bus station in Trat that you also are able to book a ferry ticket (350 Baht for that airport along with 500 Baht to your fast you ) which include a move into the pier out Trat and from the Pier on Koh Kood for a shore of choice.

We chose the ferry since it abandoned two or three hours early in the day in the day (10.45 am) compared to one. We saw Koh Kood and also the time we came in the day. We learned that the transport isn’t contained in the day although we tried to reserve a ticket to the ferry. It might have cost 200300 baht for into the pier so that we decided to spend the night time in Trat and leave each afternoon it saved us a significant little lot of money while in the ending because we chose the ferry that isn’t accessible the day.