8 Conference Call Services That You Can Use For Free

Seminar calls are a huge portion of the job today — sometimes overly significant. Because we spend as long in meetings need conference-calling systems which launch fast and work perfectly, therefore, we will find the info we want and continue ahead to other pressing things. The capacity to navigate a post-meeting transcript or zoom through a sound record would be enormous bonuses, especially to fastidious note-takers who do not always capture everything in realtime.

The fantastic thing is the fact the top conference telephone agencies are high in features that simply take the bite out of class calls and internet meetings. Standard features on average consist of things like sound recording capability, support for ScreenSharing, automated transcripts (generated by converting digital records to text), Internet interfaces using hosting programs such as managing requirements and keeping tabs on participants, along with 24/7 accessibility.

1. ConferenceCalling.com

ConferenceCalling.com targets the business market with just two boundless plans for meetings with as much as 15 or even 50 callers, and also a pay-per-use plan which manages as many as 300 callers. An infinite plan enables you to host a variety of conference calls every month. Customers can program host or calls them on the fly, talk about displays, and use an operator to help more elaborate calls. The web-based interface is user friendly and works nicely with both PCs and Macs, comprises crucial host management applications, and creates reports.

2. FreeConferenceCall.com

FreeConferenceCall.com is just one of those very first services we used in your afternoon to sponsor calls using small collections, and we still promise to utilize it as a result of its simplicity of use and familiarity and because it’s completely absolutely totally free of charge. It features monitoring and tracking within Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, telephone recording (on-demand once the decision ends), a keyword transcription service along with annotation along with in-meeting chat applications.

Additionally, it supports video conferencing, radio cloud, and streaming playback and recording. A feature named Broadcaster enables you to play music recordings or pre-recorded screen-sharing sessions throughout meetings that are life.

However, FreeConferenceCall.com isn’t simply for smaller meetings — it may accommodate around 1000 participants and requires lasting around six hrs. Clients who would like to offer a U.S. toll-free number cover a per-minute commission for each caller.

FreeConferenceCall.com also supplies a huge meeting service for video conferences with a lot greater than 1000 participants.


GoToMeeting can be actually just really a conferencing agency possessed by Citrix that affirms web-based music meetings and high-definition video conferencing. It features a conversation tool that enables the server to keep in touch with all participants. Even though it generally does not always have too many bells and whistles as any of its competitors, GoToMeeting is dependable, reasonably priced, and supports many different cellular phones. Additionally, it enables users to sign in using their Windows user names and passwords (by way of a feature named Enterprise Sign-In), and it is a blessing to IT administrators. Citrix delivers a free of charge arrangement for meetings with as much as three participants also sells yearly or yearly programs for plans that match upto 10, 50, and 100 participants.


These plans have dedicated DIAL IN amounts, a toll-free telephone number, mobile programs, along with also 24/7 operator support. Host controls comprise things like lineup muting and attendee disconnection, in addition to the capacity to dial from a gathering and protect against fresh callers out of dialing in (for security). The provider’s Unified Meeting 5 agency eases monitor – and – presentation-sharing and enables participants to combine break-out sessions.


LogMeIn’s join.me assistance is user friendly and includes tons of options. The free plan enables you to record conference calls with ScreenSharing, whiteboarding, and video conferencing over VoIP with as many as ten participants. Paid plans allow you to set meetings, utilize annotation programs, lock meetings and make work with a customized URL; additionally, they consist of things like cloud storage, one of a number of other characteristics. Participants may use a program to combine a seminar or gain access with a LogMeIn account with PCs, Android apparatus, Macs, I-pads, iPhones, or even Apple Watches.

The Skype agency has existed since 2003, originally created as an easy method for visitors to video chat together with family and friends. Microsoft purchased Skype 2011, and also a completely totally free version still is present for personal Skype Skype calls. Customers may register for stand-alone Skype for Company plans that start at $2 per user each month, or pick an Office 365 plan which features Skype.

All plans provide group HD video and sound calling for 250 participants. Features include an existence port, yet another IM application, the capacity to move control of demonstrations to participants, and even support for custom surveys and Q&A sessions.


Along with offering ScreenSharing, a completely free recording platform, fantastic host controllers, and HD sound, UberConference enables you to share documents (with aid directly from Google-Drive, Box, drop-box along with Evernote). Additionally, it may call participants to possess them to combine a seminar before or if, also it supplies a visual to each attendee and the present speaker.

One other fantastic characteristic of UberConference is the own power to authenticate individuals phoning in centered on their own contact info. The agency is tied to social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter along with Google+, allowing anybody to see a player’s work name, company name, and recent Tweets and articles.

A tollfree number can be found via the company plan for an extra price.


Nearly anybody who’s joined a conference telephone is familiarized with WebEx, a favorite agency among associations of all sizes. Developed by Cisco, WebEx supplies reliable audio- and video conferencing, in addition to screen sharing and plenty of interactive capabilities. Additional plans incorporate WebEx Event Center such as webinars, and WebEx Training Center for internet training along with WebEx Support Center for providing remote service.

WebEx’s video conferencing service provides fullscreen style, video packs, and split-screen style, and empowers clients to call a phone number to combine a gathering via telepresence technology. Features involve annotation programs, whiteboarding, and personal assembly rooms, and a shared presenter style and mobile programs. Clients who need participants to connect without dialing a couple of entering a passcode may use the telephone me feature (being an addon to some superior plan), that requires for attendees and attracts them in a gathering mechanically.

Pros and cons

1 beef which users have with a few free services is that the good quality is inferior. Even the no-charge offerings might be affected with echoes or desktop hum and stuff like that — disadvantages which are not frequently struck with paid services unless there is a problem with a player’s headset or phone. Additionally, some free services require users to dial-up with a long-distance number (though that is not an enormous problem, as most mobile plans include free of charge long-distance calling).

Complications may also appear when you decide to attempt to unite 2 different services — even when, as an instance, you service for sound communicating and also another for ScreenSharing or internet cooperation. This kind of setup can require using multiple DIAL IN amounts, seminar IDs, and account details, which is vexing for participants and so cause encounters to be postponed. Choosing the trusted service which delivers all the qualities you want could possibly be the optimal solution for you, even though this means paying a bit more.

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