8 The Best Coffee Machines

Our reviewer can recommend the Breville VCF125 Mini Barista Coffee Machine as the best choice if you are looking for the best coffee machine. This model is a firm favorite and a popular choice among our readers. It is easy to use, clean and makes delicious coffee.

Do you want to continue looking? You don’t have to stop looking: scroll down to see more options for the best filter machine, top pod coffee machine, and best bean-to-cup coffee machine.

The best coffee machine overall: Smart settings in a compact body


  • Type of coffee: Bean to cup
  • Tank capacity: 1.25ltrs
  • Pressure: 15 bars
  • Cups for Two

There are many reasons to buy

+Smart presets+Great value+Fully adjustable+Milk dispenser+Slimline Design

Avoidable reasons

-The grounds container quickly fills up

Cuisinart is relatively new to the UK’s coffee machine market, but the Veloce impressed us with its excellent brews as well as fully customizable modes.

What is it good at?

You can easily change the length, strength, and number of cups of your coffee by pressing a button.

What are we most impressed by?

We love the milk dispenser. The tube can be used to steam milk and create a foamy beverage with fine bubbles. It is possible to adjust the milk-to-coffee ratio in any preset. You can save up to four favorite drinks, which makes it easy to make coffee rounds at home.

Cuisinart Veloce has a sleek design that looks great on any kitchen counter. The display can also be used to help you with any problems or refills.

And what else?

There are many options to adjust the temperature of your coffee.

What are we not fond of?

We drank a lot of espressos here, and the grounds bin was full every few days. This wasn’t a problem, but it did mean that we had to make frequent trips to the bin.

2. De’Longhi Scultura ECZ351 W Traditional Pump Espresso Machine

Multifunctional best coffee machine: Brew any delicious coffee you can think of


  • Best for all-round performance
  • Type: ESE pods or ground coffee
  • Pressure: 15 bars
  • Cups: Two (1.4 ltr water reservoir)

There are many reasons to buy

+Makes every coffee you can think of+Espressos and cappuccinos a highlight+Self-priming – always ready to go

Avoidable reasons

-Water stop is a manual operation that requires more input from the user than other machines.

If you are looking for a high-quality machine that can make coffee, this is it.

There are many options for drinks

It’s not a flimsy machine, but it can make great coffee.

What are we most impressed by?

You can choose to use either ground coffee or ESE pods . This is what we consider a winner. How does it perform? Let’s begin with the espresso. It is always good. You can use the holder to hold the ground coffee, which you might have seen in baristas before putting into the machine. It holds enough coffee for two cups. It’s easy to use, so don’t worry about being a novice barista. You can also use the steam arm to make fresh milk. This is also very user-friendly, and can be used to make coffee shop-standard cappuccinos or lattes.

Plus, there’s even more! For Americanos and herbal tea drinkers, there’s hot water delivery. We also like the hotplate that heats your coffee in advance, so it stays hot longer.

Energy-saving and stylish

This coffee machine is professional looking and strong enough to be used in traditional and modern kitchens. It’s also available in white, Champagne, black, and white (we love it the white). The auto switch off saves energy and is thoughtfully designed. You can also change the auto-off time, which currently stands at 20 minutes.

What are we not fond of?

You will need to put in some effort (tut tut). The water won’t stop automatically, you must make it happen. You know what? You get great coffee for a very small price.

3. Swan Nordic One Touch Espresso Machine

Semi-automatic Espresso Machine: For those who are on a tight budget but still love a latte


  • Best for: Frothy coffees
  • Type: Espresso
  • Pressure: 20 bars
  • Cups: 2

There are many reasons to buy

+Easy to use+Inexpensive+Comes in a range of colours+The milk frother is unfussy and easy to adjust+Controls are intuitive

Avoidable reasons

-If ground coffee is not washed, it will only take the Marks.

The Swan Nordic One Touch Espresso Machine, a budget-friendly option that looks great and is simple to use is one of our favorites for value.

What we like

It looks great and is available in cream, green and blue. It steams milk automatically, so you only need to choose your preferred coffee type and size (there are small and large options) and it will do the rest.

The 20-bar pressure makes an excellent espresso, but you will need to add hot water to get a longer cup.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Two filters are included in the machine to allow for different sizes of drinks.

We don’t like

You’ll be able to see it if you don’t turn the portafilter towards you. There were a few instances when it was loose during testing, so make sure you secure it properly.

You must clean the coffee machine of any spills after each use or it will become stained. The cream model was the most susceptible to staining. We recommend that you choose grey if your preference is more straightforward.

4. Melitta Barista Smart TS F85/0-102 Coffee Machine

Smart features include the best coffee machine: You can also control it via your smartphone


  • Coffee beans-to-cup
  • Type: Bean-to–cup
  • Pressure: 15 bars
  • Cups for Two

There are many reasons to buy

+Makes great coffee+Smart Features

Avoidable reasons

-Easy to use in small kitchens

The Melitta Barista Smart coffee machine is a bean to cup coffee machine. What’s the point? It can do it all: it grinds coffee beans, makes great espressos, and it even has an integrated frother to make milky coffees. You can also control it via your smartphone. There’s no more “I’d love to have a cup of coffee if only I could get out of bed” and lots more “Ooooooh, that coffee smell is encouraging me now.”

This is a great bean-to cup option

We’ll leave the smart functions alone for now. A smart coffee maker that makes bad coffee is not good for anyone. The most important question is: Does it make great coffee? It makes great coffee.

What are we most impressed by?

Let’s get down to the coffee. As you would expect, the espressos and cappuccinos taste great. However, there are 21 different coffee recipes that you can make. We love the milk frother. It is easy to use, efficient, and self-cleans.

The integrated grinder is very quiet when it comes to grinding coffee beans. However, the grinder can also be used to grind pre-ground coffee beans as well, as most models of this model. The coffee bean hopper can hold up to two types of coffee beans, which is great if you don’t like one type.

We love how simple this coffee machine is to operate. It has an LCD text display and one-touch operation. The descaling function can be done with a touch of a button. It’s smart-enabled but not difficult to use.

Smart coffee machines

We are always looking for smart features (you may have seen The Hub, our home tech pages that aim to make life simpler and not be technical). This is a simple innovation. You download the app and you can control your coffee machine using your smartphone. The app allows you to save your favorite coffees so that you always have the right cup. It also offers useful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your coffee machine.

We’re talking about coffee machine smarts. But we want to talk more about the coffee options. This machine has the My Coffee Memory function. It saves up to eight coffee preferences and can also program four classic specialties: cappuccino, espresso, cafe crème, cappuccino, and latte macchiato. If you want to make tea, hot water is available. The plug-in Milk System comes with a removable milk container that fits in the fridge. It’s very handy.

What are we not fond of?

Although we don’t like the black finish, it is a great choice for modern kitchens. It is also available in subtle stainless steel.

The best coffee machine with the smallest filter: Enjoy the same great taste as ground coffee in a small machine.


  • Space saving is the best option
  • Type: Filter coffee
  • Pressure N/A
  • Cups: Five (0.65 ltr water reservoir)

There are many reasons to buy

+Coffee miles are better than instant+Keeps beverages warm+ Flavor adjustment possible

Avoidable reasons

-Jug capacity is not sufficient to handle a large crowd

This coffee machine is a great choice if you’re looking for a coffee machine that’s compact and can make filter coffee. We’ve given it a solid 4.5 stars during testing and we have good reasons to!

Use it quickly

This coffee machine is very simple to use. To make your morning brew, you just need to add water to the tank, then add the coffee. This is a great choice for couples and singles who prefer real coffee to instant. However, they don’t want all the fuss that comes with cappuccinos.

This compact machine has pleasing lines that can be matched with other toasters and kettles in the range.

There are many coffee options.

You will ultimately make filter coffee using the De’Longhi Active Line ICM14011 but you can customize it with two brewing speeds and the Aroma function.

This machine produces a great cup of coffee at a pleasant temperature.

Keep this in mind

This machine is small enough to fit in small kitchens. This machine will not serve more than two coffee drinkers per household in a larger home.

6. Sage Barista Express

This machine is the best coffee machine for Barista: Enjoy the full Barista experience


  • Type of coffee: Bean to cup
  • Tank capacity: 2ltr
  • Pressure: 15 bars
  • Cups One

There are many reasons to buy

+Customize the coffee grind for each brew+Pressure gauge +Milk Wand attached+Includes smart-temperature milk jug

Avoidable reasons

-Not automatic. -Causes inexperienced users to be intimidated

The Sage Barista Express includes everything you need to grind your beans, brew coffee, and steam the milk.

What is it good at?

Everything is adjustable, from the grind coarseness to volume. This allows you to adjust the settings according to the bean type or pressure gauge.

What are we most impressed by?

Coffee lovers will love how simple it is to make their favorite brews and enjoy every step of the process. The exterior is made of stainless steel and features an integrated tamper and grinder. Side dial contains controls for steam wand, hot water tap and a hot water faucet for topping up americanos.

It’s easy to clean. You can choose from one or two cups of coffee, and you can even track the temperature of your milk while you steam it with the smart steaming bowl.

And what else?

You can get it in black or stainless steel.

What are we not fond of?

You might not like to get involved in the coffee making process.

7. Breville VCF125 Mini Barista Coffee Machine

Vote for the best coffee maker


  • All coffees are best
  • Type: Ground coffee
  • Pressure: 15 bars
  • Cups: 1 – 2

There are many reasons to buy

+Makes great coffee (and hot cocoa)+Easy-to-use+Instructions are clear+Useful accessories+1 year guarantee

Avoidable reasons

– Stainless Steel Marks easily – No adjustable mug height

Breville’s coffee machine won the real homes awards for the category you, our readers, voted in late last year. Since we have recently tested it, we are big fans.

Barista-style coffee

The machine can make your favorite coffee whenever you like it. It will taste as good in the coffee shop as it is at home. The machine can make a cappuccino, flat white or latte. However, you will need to master the swirls with the milk jug.

What are we most impressed by?

It will do everything for you. This means that the machine will adjust the temperature and amount of coffee grounds, while you can choose to have a single or two shots of the good stuff.

The machine will pre-infuse your coffee gently, while the 15-bar pump will create a rich crema.

Keep it clean

If polished and shined frequently, stainless steel is easy to clean. The machine comes with a cleaning program that will take care the internals of the machine while you are concerned about the appearance.

What are we not fond of?

It’s really nothing. It’s a bit pricey, yes, but it’s an investment that will rival coffee shops, so we think it’s well worth the money.

8. Nespresso by Sage Creatista Uno Pod Coffee Machine

The best pod coffee machine: It’s simple to use, clean, and makes great coffee.


  • Best for: Coffee pods
  • Type: Pod
  • Pressure: 19 bars
  • Cups: One (1.5 ltr water reservoir)

There are many reasons to buy

+Really quick coffee+Easy cleaning+Makes great espresso

Avoidable reasons

-Cost of pods

Sage’s pod coffee machine wins our vote. This is why: It simply makes great coffee and it looks amazing on your worktop.

It is quick and simple to use

This machine is perfect for those who like the convenience of a pod and good milk frothing. It can make three types of milk foam. It can also make espresso in a matter of seconds (just 25 seconds). It’s perfect if you are twitchy and want to get your first cup of espresso. It’s also easy to use, which we love.

What are we most impressed by?

There are three milk temperatures available for the automatic steam wand. The steam wand also purges itself after each use, so it’s easy to clean.

You can also adjust the size of your coffee cup (there are 3 options) and the texture of your milk. You can adjust the settings to make your coffee machine produce the perfect cup, no matter how long or short you prefer it.

This coffee machine is quiet despite the fact that it has a high pressure pump (19 bar). The machine has an energy-saving auto shut off feature that turns off after nine minutes.

It’s easy to clean

Let’s get down to cleaning. The 1.5ltr water tank can be removed easily and the metal milk container can go in the dishwasher. An indicator is also provided to let you know when your coffee machine needs to be cleaned (answer: not too frequently, another quick, easy job).

What are we not fond of?

You will have to deal with the ongoing cost and waste of pods. Nespresso has a program for recycling pods that is advertised on their website. You can also look for compostable pods compatible with Nespresso machines. Amazon even sells refillable pods that can be reused multiple times, and can be filled with your choice of ground coffee.

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