Growth Services For Instagram

You might be sold fake followers by growth companies that can harm your account over time, but there are many quality Instagram growth services that will help you grow your audience organically and safely. Take a look at the best growth services for Instagram to increase your online presence.

These are the top 16 growth services

Social Buddy

Social BuddyOne of the best Instagram growth services available today. Based on our research, Social Buddy was voted the top growth service provider for Instagram users. Results, safety, pricing.

Social Buddy uses organic growth to grow your Instagram followers slowly and naturally over time. Social Buddy is unlike other Instagram growth tools. It helps you find real people, not bots or fake accounts.

Social Buddy not only helps you increase your Instagram following, but it also assists with other tasks. Improves your engagement. Social Buddy employs advanced targeting to identify followers who will be interested in the content you post.

They target your location, your interests, hashtags that are relevant to your niche or industry, as well as your geographic location. Social Buddy targets your followers based upon your competitors or influential people in your niche.

Social Buddy runs real growth services, unlike some that are run by bots. Each client is assigned a support contact so that you can reach out via chat, email, or phone. Social Buddy is an app. Safe and reliable Instagram growth services.

Social Buddy Features

  • Organic growth on Instagram
  • Targeting advanced AI
  • Engagement increases
  • Account manager support
  • Sign up is easy
  • No commitment – Month to month
  • TikTok Follower Service also Available

Our Test:

We researched several Instagram growth tools and found Social Buddy to be the most reliable and cost-effective, especially considering its price. So we decided to give it a try. Below are the results. They show an increase in monthly followers (1500+ each month) and increased engagement.


KickstaIt is a popular and powerful growth tool for InstagramThis service allows for organic growth without spamming, bots, or fake followers. Kicksta will give you real followers who are relevant to your account.

Kicksta uses AI technology for finding, targeting, and engaging with potential Instagram followers. Kicksta will ask you for information about your competitors, influencers, and complementary brands when you sign up.

They then target accounts that are following those competitors or complementary accounts. This assumes that they will also be interested in your brand. Kicksta automates liking and following other accounts’ posts. This makes it more likely that those accounts will follow you back and interact with your content.

Kicksta is able to target AI and automate likes and followers. Organically increase your Instagram followers. You can choose between a standard and premium plan. However, if you need phone support or advanced targeting, you will have to go for the premium plan.

Kicksta Features

  • Instagram growth that is steady and organic
  • Targeting AI
  • Sign up is easy
  • No commitment – Month to month

Social Sensei

Social Sensei is another great Instagram growth service, used by many businesses and personal accounts online. This growth tool is not just for Instagram but also works for Facebook, Youtube, and Tumblr.

Social Sensei is a real-life, human-based growth platform. There are no scripts, software or bots and no fake followers. They are dedicated to long-term growth. Every client receives a dedicated profile manager who learns all about you and your goals in order to develop a long-term strategy. They provide a complete social media marketing strategy, not just followers. A full package includes followers, content strategy, and content creation. Begin the process with a complimentary consultation to discuss your brand and goals.

Social Sensei employs advanced targeting to identify followers who are likely to follow you and to engage with your content. This service for Instagram growth organic is best. A social media strategy can be developed for businesses to convert followers into leads. Conversions. However, plans can be expensive and range from $95 per month to $995 per month for businesses.

Social Sensei Features:

  • Organic growth strategy
  • Advanced targeting
  • Consultant for accounts
  • Social media strategy
  • Content creation


AmplfluenceAnother top-quality Instagram growth service, Ampfluence promises to increase your influence on Instagram. Ampfluence is a top-notch Instagram growth service that guarantees to increase your influence on Instagram. Organic Instagram GrowthReal followers, not fake accounts.

Ampfluence doesn’t use bots and “gimmicks”, it is 100% human-run. They are a human-run service that will help you grow your followers. They focus on targeting quality followers and quality followers. Ampfluence offers a free consultation that will help you learn about your account, brand, goals, and the type of followers you are looking for.

Ampfluence’s team conducts research after the consultation to identify the best accounts to target based on industry leaders, competitors, social spheres, and other factors. You can build relationships with other accounts and organically increase your followers.

Amplfluence is a virtueSafe Instagram growth serviceLike many other plans on this list it is more expensive. Plans start at $129 per Month, but you can cancel at any time.

Amplify Features

  • Organic growth
  • Targeting audience based on research
  • Engagement increases
  • Email support
  • Reporting is only available for second and third-tier plans


Combin is both an Instagram growth service and a content planning solution and post-scheduling tool. Combin can be purchased for Instagram growth only, or to plan and schedule your posts.

The CombinGrowth toilet targets, engage with, and grows your Instagram followers. You can use many filters to target followers who are interested in your content and are more likely to engage with your posts. Machine learning is used to identify and target high-quality accounts to engage with.

The combination also includes management of the audience you can also see who hasn’t followed you back, and unfollow them in bulk. Automate repetitive actions so that you can interact with multiple accounts and posts simultaneously to increase engagement. Combin allows bulk follow-up, unfollow, like and comment on accounts or posts in batches.

Combin allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously, or just one. You can get a free trial or a monthly option for your personal or business account.

Combination Features

  • Instagram audience management
  • Targeting filters
  • Bulk actions and engagements
  • Automated repetitive tasks
  • Trial for free
  • Scheduling tool (sold separately).


Take a leaf another popular Instagram growth platform that offers organic growth and personal attention is Upleap. Upleap will assign a manager to your account. Increase your Instagram followers for you. Their platform promises 300% more growth.

Upleap only follows and engages with genuine accounts. You won’t get a list of fake followers or unengaged followers. They can help you improve your Instagram brand. They work with clients in many industries.

After you sign up for Upleap you will be assigned an account manager. Your account manager will help you target relevant hashtags and competitors. You can then relax and watch your account grow as you continue to post content. Upleap offers smart targeting this will increase your engagement. To make your Instagram account more active and engaging with followers, they’ll also view Instagram stories.

Upleap offers a three-day free trial. You can then choose between monthly or annual packages. There are options for the Standard, Premium, and Lite plans.

Upleap features:

  • Organic methods of growth
  • Support and dedicated account manager
  • Automatic story watching
  • Engagement increases
  • Trial for 3 days free


Instamber is a growth service for Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, so you can manage all of your social networks on one platform. Instamber is your marketing assistant on Instagram. It engages with your target audience and makes it easy for you to communicate with them. You can now focus on creating engaging content that keeps your followers interested and engaged.

Instamber uses an intelligent targeting system to find your audience. Your account will grow steadily with automation. Instamber’s dashboard makes it easy to track your progress and adjust targeting. The targeting algorithm is based on artificial intelligence and works for you.

Instamber works 24 hours a day for you, so you don’t have to spend time on repetitive tasks such as outreach or engaging with followers. Automating the following, liking, commenting and watching stories will keep your Instagram active so you can focus on your business.

Instamber Features:

  • Automated actions to promote natural growth
  • Intelligent targeting using hashtags, location and gender, language and accounts of rivals
  • Analytics dashboard that is user-friendly
  • Expert support
  • Compliance and security of your account


Instazood is another great marketing tool that drives followers to your Instagram profile. Instazood is another great service provider for Instagram growth. It uses automation to draw users to your account. This tool can be used as your social media manager to help you grow your account.

Instazood’s growth strategy is similar to other services. It uses the following/unfollow and liking methods to attract users’ attention to your Instagram account. Instazood also has the ability to automatically view your stories, send DMs to new followers and even post for you. You can choose to not allow Instazood to perform certain actions. However, you still have complete control over your account. You can create filters to customize the actions of your account.

Instazood makes it easy to use and secure. You can also track your progress using a mobile-friendly website and an app. This Instagram bot can help you filter your targets by audience demographics and hashtag suggestions.

Instazood Features:

  • Marketing automation strategy for growth
  • Niche audience targeting
  • Filters and customization
  • Customer service
  • Post management and scheduling

Mr. Insta

Mr. Mr. The premium service offers a two-day free trial that gives insight into their Instagram marketing strategy. You can purchase as many followers as you want with Mr. Insta. It looks natural to grow your follower base slowly, but it does not change.

Mr. Insta offers an easy Instagram Growth Plan with the option to purchase anywhere between 250 and 10,000 followers. This social media marketing tool makes it easy to grow your Instagram. This Instagram bot also sells Instagram story views, Instagram likes, and other marketing services.

Mr. Insta is a great way to quickly grow your following. You can even get “free refills” if you lose followers following delivery. They will replace the lost followers. This Instagram bot offers services for all social media platforms, including YouTube, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter.

Mr. Insta Features

  • Get Instagram likes, followers and more
  • Slow, natural delivery
  • Guaranteed refill
  • Trial for two days free
  • Instarazzo

Instarazzo is another great tool to help your Instagram marketing efforts. To attract new followers to your account, this platform uses an organic growth strategy. Instarazzo has helped clients to reach thousands of followers. They can also do the same for you with very little effort.

Instarazzo acts on your behalf as an automated marketing agency. They like, follow, comment and comment on your behalf in order to interact with other Instagram accounts. Your audience will be more likely to follow you and engage with them if they target accounts within your niche. Instarazzo also offers auto-direct messaging, post scheduling, and comment management.

This service provider allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts from one place. You can be confident that your account will be in the hands of a professional support team. They are focused on client satisfaction. The cloud-based service is accessible from any device so that you can adjust target or cancel anytime. Try their free 3 Day Trial!

Instarazzo Features:

  • Growth of Instagram through following and liking
  • Auto DM, post scheduling, comment management
  • Niche audience targeting
  • Multiple accounts can be managed from one dashboard

Flock Social

Flock Social is another reliable growth tool for Instagram, and they promise no bots, ghost followers, or fake accounts. Flock Social’s goal is to build authentic relationships online with new followers. It’s more than just following numbers.

Flock Social will help you grow your fan base. They use targeted followers and real engagements to increase your Instagram presence. Flock Social’s goal is to convert, which can help you drive sales, leads, and other KPIs for business.

Flock Social is simple to sign up for, and you can start growing your business in minutes. You can expect growth, with many users reporting thousands of new followers.

Flock Social Features

  • Natural growth
  • Real engagements
  • Followers targeted
  • There are no ghost followers, bots, or spam
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