The Best Infinity Kingdom Tips and Cheats

Tip #1: Complete all your daily quests to claim all the chests for free

You can progress slowly if you complete the daily quests. If you collect all the chests, you will receive 100 Gems and 1 Philosopher’s Stone. This means that you can complete 10 summons in 9 days. You’ll also receive a lot of speedups, and resources that will be very useful as you play more.

You will be rewarded with various items from EXP to resources, and Philosopher’s Stones if you start at the beginning. These are a special type of reward that is only available once and serve as a guide. These should be completed as soon as possible.

There are many other types of rewards that you can keep track of. You have Consecutive Login Reward, Daily Login Reward, Daily Exclusive Chest, Daily Free Bundle, and Daily Login Rewards to start. You can claim anything that has a small red dots on it.

Tip #2: Be active in an Alliance

Because this game is heavily dependent on active alliances, it’s essential that you find one. You will get speed ups from other players and can join in Alliance-related events.

This is why it’s,, important. It’s simple. It’s much less likely to be attacked by random players if you are near other players with the Alliance tag. Even if you don’t have a shield, being active and staying close to your Alliance friends will suffice to repel most rogue attackers.

Get speed ups for all Alliance members

You should offer your assistance to other players just as you would receive it from them. If an Alliance mate assists you, your construction timer or upgrade timer will decrease significantly. So make sure you wait until they help before spending your hard-earned speedups.

Make daily contributions

Donate every day to your alliance to help the leader upgrade any skill. The leader will usually leave a note indicating which players should donate. You can check your resources to see if you have any and then donate where you want.

Get free gifts

Sometimes, you can even get free gifts. There is nothing better than that!

Tip #3: Maximize all buildings before upgrading the Castle

Your Castle is your main building and you want to make it more attractive. This might not be the best option. You could upgrade each building to the highest level possible (for your Castle level). This will improve your overall experience, as it will be much easier to track every upgrade that you make.

Keep up to date with all resource farm updates. These will ensure that you have a steady supply of Iron, Stone and Wood as well as Food, Gold, and other essential resources. These will be essential for almost everything so make sure they are your top priority.

To track your current production of resources, simply tap the top of your screen to open the window. The window will display your current output as well as how much you have in your inventory (Owned). Be aware that Owned does not mean In Stock. To purchase it, you will need to spend Gems. The limit for each day is 10.

Tip #4: Make your day more organized by using the Event Calendar

The Calendar is a great tool for those who are busy in real life but want to continue making progress in the game. The Calendar will provide you with a daily overview of all current events in the game. This will be very helpful.

This option can be found on the main interface (inbase), at the top right. You can tap on any of the current events to go straight there. Daily events, as well as everything you need to make progress, are also available.

Bind your account

This is listed at the bottom under Calendar Events. However, it’s a temporary thing. You’ll get 100 Enchant stones, 300 gems, and protection barrier if you bind your account immediately after you start playing.

Tip #5 – Don’t invest too much in the Immortals. Not all of them can be trusted.

You might be surprised to learn that not all Immortals are worthy of your time and resources. You will likely only get a handful of good Immortals (and maybe only 1-2 Legendary) at the beginning. To see if you are interested in investing in Immortals, check out the Infinity Kingdoms Tier List.

Tip #6 – Use the World Map for EXP, resources and player tracking

You can find monster camps in the World Map that will give you EXP as well as other resources. Start with the level 1 camps and work your way up. Sometimes you will find world bosses, who are much stronger.

You should not attack players if you don’t have any Peace shields. If you do have one, and you wish to attack people in a rash fashion, the shield will dissolve automatically.

Tip #7 – How to play with premium players

Let’s start by learning how to match premium players in terms power. It won’t take you more than a few days to achieve this feat. This must be your end-game goal. You should also be very active. You will want to constantly upgrade and research your base, while simultaneously mining for resources on the world map.

Also, ensure that your base is located near your Alliance mates. This will allow you to have “power in numbers”, and you won’t be attacked by many players.

You can train troops, upgrade buildings and research them all, and you can also hire extra builders. It will cut down on the time it takes to upgrade everything, making it a worthwhile investment.

  • July 10, 2022
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