Greatest Discoveries About The Grand Theft Auto V PC

Rockstar’s amazing sandbox environment has been updated with the latest version.

Although Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games maps may be old, it continues to sell: It has sold more than 52 million copies around the world, Take-Two announced last Wednesday.

Although you may have already played the game on Xbox 360 or PS3, and even completed the Xbox One and PS4 editions, there is still much to learn about the game. PC gamers are digging through the folders and files to discover everything about San Andreas. They’re also adding ridiculous and outrageous mods to the game.

They’ve already made some amazing discoveries, even though none of them involve a jetpack. We’ll be taking a look at the PC version Grand Theft Auto V.

You can go into secret buildings, but there are no doors.

One clever creation by PC modders allows you to explore some previously unknown areas. The Open All Interiors mod lets you waltz into some of the game’s buildings, such as the FIB skyscraper, which were previously locked shut, and there are even some explorable interiors that were cut from the final game that you’re able to warp into like a digital urban exploration anorak. The modder promises to keep the tool updated in the future. We might be able eventually to warp into uncharted territory. How about Mount Chiliad’s interior?

It is possible to beam up into an UFO

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Reddit’s GTA members have searched the PC release in an attempt to find the legendary jetpack. While they have not yet found it, they have made fascinating side discoveries. One user has gone through the code and found a script attached to the UFOs seen in the game, relating to the interiors that can be loaded up in the game. The UFO script is tied to a variable in the game. If that hits -1 or 99999, the UFO’s interiors will load up. The next step is to find the right place to transport the interiors of the UFOs to the location.

Warp can be done back to North Yankton

North Yankton

GTA V’s snowy intro level is one of our favorite opening scenes. However, the area can’t be returned to unless you complete a story mission. We thought so. While the console version will let you glitch your way back, modders Alexander Blade and TacoDeBoss have crafted a more foolproof way for you to travel to North Yankton on PC, with just the touch of a button teleporting you all the way back to the small sleety sub-section. You can explore it to your heart’s delight – even an alien is hidden in the ice.

Horses and zombies may be coming your way

Red Dead Redemption zombies

OpenIV, a modding tool that was created to assist fans in modding the previous entry, has been updated to allow you to explore GTA V files. Inquisitive fans have been digging through the data and found textures, models and other interesting inclusions. It appears that horses may be coming in the future DLC packs, or are hidden deep within the game. But that’s just the beginning. The game’s files have been found to contain zombies. This file directory suggests that undead DLC could be on its way. So, we might be seeing brain dead ghouls walking down Los Santos streets in the near future. These findings remind me of an earlier Rockstar production. The wild west adventure game Red Dead Redemption, which was heavily focused on horses and had an expansion called Undead Nightmare, had zombie-themed expansions. Are we seeing the same pattern?

Mini-games in San Andreas style appear to be hidden inside

GTA’s PC codebase contained more than just zombies and horses. It also contains mini-games, which gives us a nostalgic feeling of GTA San Andreas. Some of the files were named’squats” and ‘benchpress”, reminding us of CJ’s workouts in the classic title. We don’t know what the blowtorch mini-game is or if it’s something we would like to find out. Let’s hope that they don’t lead us to another Hot Coffee fiasco.

The mysterious jetpack is real…sort of.

Jetpack enthusiasts, your prayers might soon be answered. The elusive gadget is actually available. It does exist. One Reddit user has found a “Gadget_Jetpack” within the game’s code, and it’s been discovered within the director mode’s script – hinting that the elusive gizmo is available in the movie-making mode, if not available in the actual game. Modders tried to create a script to inject a jetpack into the maingame, but there is no model in the base files. This means that the holy grail for GTA finds may remain as mysterious as the sasquatch from GTA San Andreas.

  • October 9, 2021
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