The fight is only in the Premier League, the rest of the four leagues are contested

Share it follow City Reuters beat United in the Manchester derby on Sunday Italy, France and Germany – the fight for the league title in all three countries can be said to be over. Spain is also leading the top team by a good margin. However, the battle is still going on in England. Find out … Read more

Dave Whatmore’s ‘Half Life’ and…

He was wearing a blue shirt the night he spoke to Dave Whatmore. The next morning the Prothom Alo photographer also wanted to take a picture of that shirt, but it was in the hotel laundry. Instead of Dave Whatmore in a blue shirt, Dave Whatmore is wearing a black T-shirt in the picture. The … Read more

IPL does not mean Bollywood, KKR players are serious

Shah Rukh Khan often comes to the field to watch Kolkata matches in IPL Bollywood’s biggest presence in IPL (Indian Premier League) is Shahrukh Khan. Shah Rukh, known as ‘Bollywood King’, is one of the owners of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). The team’s mentor Gautam Gambhir told the players not to focus on off-field activities. Because, … Read more